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Young Couple Dancing


Dancing is an incredibly enjoyable art form. Floating along the floor in the Waltz or moving to the music with a loved one..... Dancing seems to bring the soul to life. And although you may not know it yet, learning to dance can bring a world of benefits to your life. Dancing as a hobby means: A new Challenge, Self Improvement, better Coordination and Balance and a great source of Exercise. In our group classes you will: Meet new people, experience fun and excitement and enjoy a Stress Relieving activity. Others find dancing gives them a sense of Confidence, Grace and Poise. And once you are confident with steps; dancing can be an excellent Creative Outlet.

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We came to Social Ease Dance Studio less than 4 years ago, apprehensive and not sure that we could learn to dance.

From the very first lesson, the instructors insisted that we certainly could learn to dance, and they were positive and very patient. The whole studio has a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

We learnt the basic steps to several dances in just a few lessons, and we started to have fun! We only wish we would have come to Social Ease Dance Studio sooner. We have had a lot of fun, and have learnt the things that we never thought we would!

We recommend that anybody who is interested in learning to dance, visit Social Ease Dance Studio and let them show you what you can do!

Jim & Maya

I loved to dance. My father was my best audience. He'd play his harmonica while I repeatedly attempted to execute his favourite Ukrainian steps or make some up on my own. Though there were many times I felt silly due to lack of confidence, he'd always urge me to go on. In their subtle but kind-hearted ways, my parents continued to encourage me with tap and jazz lessons becoming a part of my life.

As I grew older, facing life's challenges, my dance choices somewhat changed. I had seen a local ad for "ballroom and Latin" dance lessons but disappointedly, "a partner" was required. But another one without this stipulation caught my attention so I hesitantly called and was convinced. I booked my first lesson with "Social Ease Dance Studio." I was very impressed with the facility but so nervous not knowing what to expect. But for that one hour, the fun and excitement brought on by the ever changing music and my instructor patiently leading me around the floor was the most exhilarating feeling! Over time, it was obvious that it was the studio's mission to make their students feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in not having to apologize for their mistakes, but in fact, to learn from them. The staff were there to enlighten us mentally, emotionally and physically while having enormous fun at the same time.

From that first moment, when I was graciously escorted onto the dance floor, something brought about a personal awareness and growth in me which I didn't know was still possible. Now 6 years later, this presence is still there each time I enter the studio's new vibrant, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Dancing- what a wonderful expression of one's self. It has rejuvenated me greatly. I can't help but think of myself as being a better woman, mother and friend. I accept the fact that I had to discover this re-awakening at a later stage in my life. But I have had the privilege to be more in tune with what I desire most and it has been social ease Dance Studio that has given me (and I am sure, countless others) the strength and opportunity to re-capture this after so many years.

I am grateful for the dancing staff refreshing my life in so many ways and particularly to my instructor who continues to create such positive differences for which I strive to portray in my efforts on and off the dance floor. The personal satisfaction is in attempting to demonstrate the results of his patience and guidance and hoping to do so in a complete and successful fashion.


Considering that I was in my early 70's when I climbed the stairs in the old studio and went through those doors for the very first time, and now 5 years later I am still dancing; I would like to thank the studio team for all their support, patience, and dedication and for giving me the confidence to learn to dance!

I remember my first visit to the studio. It was a very warm welcome and considering that I had not danced (ballroom) before, they made me feel at ease truly. Ever since my first visit to the dance studio in 2006 I have been hooked on ballroom dancing, both Latin and Smooth.

Thank you to all.

John (JB)

We started dancing on a whim and have enjoyed it ever since. It is a great challenge that gives back as much as you put in.

It is a wonderful way to spend time together and to meet new people. Our weekly lesson is the start to our 'date night' as we usually go out for dinner after class. We enjoy practicing and socializing at the monthly 'practice parties' put on by the studio where we have met many interesting people and have had many great times. We are able to dance together at weddings and parties with confidence and enjoy dancing at latin band and club events.

Ballroom dancing is great physical and social exercise and we highly recommend it to couples and singles who are looking for something fun and rewarding to do.

Laura & Chris